Our founder

Adam Pierno is the founder of Specific Branding. He’s become known for his role as a teacher, mentor, strategist, innovator and author over his 25 year career. He launched Specific to better serve clients in need of customer understanding to grow.

At Specific Branding, Adam assembles the ideal tools and talent to understand customer habits and create effective strategies for brands, initiatives and campaigns. Pierno helps clients build cultures that embrace change and focuses on what works best.

Before founding Specific, Pierno used his knowledge of consumer behavior to create successful campaigns for big brands like Delta Air Lines, Dial Corporation, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Brands, and Mercedes-Benz. He maintains a key role at Arizona State University as a brand strategy leader.

Pierno has written two books on marketing. His first book, “Under Think It,” explores the basics of marketing strategy. His second book, “Specific” lays out the methodology underpinning the work here at Specific Branding along with the reasons why it is needed. Pierno is also a sought-after speaker who delivers talks on strategic challenges with humor and valuable insights.

Throughout his career, Adam has worked at small start-up agencies, large global companies, and Fortune 50 companies. He is the host of The Strategy Inside Everything podcast and co-host of the In the Demo podcast.