Answers for action.

Specific Branding conducts research to unlock results and we aren’t in the business of guessing. Everything we do is based on data and intelligence. We’ll work with your data and records and partner with the right researchers and platforms around the world to get the highest quality information to guide you on the ideal action to take next.

What do you want to know about your customer to make you successful?

Types of research offered:

• Existing customer surveys
• Prospective customer surveys
• Current / Prospective customer gap analysis
• NPS and bespoke customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey development

Geographic intelligence
• Map and trade area development
• Trade area and geographic region analysis
• Lookalike location and new market identification
• Local competitive set customer distribution

Qualitative understanding
• 1-on-1 customer interviews
• 1-on-1 prospect interviews
• Live, in-person focus groups
• Online communities and digital focus groups
• Environmental trend scans

Internal staff and stakeholder alignment
• 1-on-1 staff interviews
• 1-on-1 stakeholder interviews

Marketing and data analysis
• Social media performance analysis
• Creative and content audits and competitive comparison
• Web, app, CRM and digital footprint analysis
• Media and marketing performance review and audit

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Photo by Melanie Kreutz on Unsplash