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Specific Branding offers a suite of services to research and gather insights about your customers, prospects, competitors, market and more. Together, with smart companies like yours, we develop custom brand positioning, platforms, architecture. Unlike many brand groups, we design a brand to be practical, impactful, and never do anything without data or intelligence.

Branding and positioning

Your brand isn’t a logo. Done correctly, your brand guides the products and experiences you want for your customers and staff and how you want them to feel.
• Brand positioning development
• Brand architecture development
• Brand documentation and briefs
• Brand style guidance documentation

Customer intelligence and understanding

If you know your ideal customers inside and out, you can craft the offering they most want, and make your business the perfect answer to their question.
• Customer and stakeholder persona development and validation
• Customer and audience segmentation
• Customer Advisory Panel development and consulting


Build it and they will come? Not so much. Build it and make sure you reach the right people with the right message in the right part of the journey.
• Brand-aligned marketing planning and consulting
Research services


Sometimes, you need to get people together. Live and in person or virtual, speaking to one another is the fasted path to understanding and overcoming organizational challenges.
• Facilitated brand sessions
• Internal team strategy sessions
• Customer listening sessions

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