Specific Branding isn’t for everyone. Here’s who we are and who we’re not

Wait, what? Aren’t we supposed to tell you we can answer your customer question or solve your brand challenge no matter what? Truth be told, we probably could. But we have some core beliefs about this work that make us a better fit with some businesses than others.

  1. “Everyone is our potential customer.”
    Nope. We just don’t think that’s the right way to approach. Technically, anyone can be a prospect for any product or service, but Specific is focused on understanding who your very best type of customer is for a given business or brand challenge and offering solutions to reach that customer.
  2. “We have no competition.”
    Sorry, but yes you do. You certainly have things that make you special, and stand out from other businesses. We call those facets. But, in the mind of your prospective customers (and even some loyal customers) they see other options to do what you offer. If you aren’t open to learning what those options are, we might not be right for your company.
  3. “Can you just do the work and come back to us with the answer?”
    Hmm, sorry, no. We know our business and you know yours. Working together, we come up with key questions and solutions to serve your business. This works best when there’s honest collaboration. Of course, we do major portions of the work on our own, and present to you and your team. But there are times when meeting to discuss, and think together are too important to skip.
  4. “We don’t have budget, so we’re squeezing this in.”
    Your customers and your brand are critical to your business success. Appropriately funding customer research is something we believe in. Specific offers tools and solutions that are not huge investments, but not for free.