Stakeholder and staff alignment

Sometimes, it’s important to bring the team together. We know a brand cannot be successful on the outside if its not 100% clear and salient on the inside. Specific Branding has developed a suite of services to diagnose challenges and create clean alignment among teams.

Like everything we do, it’s detailed, rigorous, customized and actually kind of fun.

Internal staff and stakeholder alignment research
• 1-on-1 staff interviews
• 1-on-1 stakeholder interviews
• Staff survey
• Staff NPS and satisfaction surveys
• Staff live and digital focus groups

Alignment exercises
• Off-sites and team building exercises
• Brand positioning inquiry workshop
• Senior stakeholder alignment workshop

Staffing and organization consulting
• Org chart assessment and optimization
• Recommended department and hiring plans; job descriptions

Corporate alignment and content
• Company description, boilerplate and About Us content audit
• Company description, boilerplate and About Us workshops

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